Monday, May 28, 2007

TeleMagic in the Computer History Museum

This year is my 65th, a milestone which gets me thinking about how fast time has passed since I wrote those first lines of TeleMagic code 22 years ago. Almost a quarter century!

Recently I learned about the Computer History Museum ( and joined as a member, then contacted them to see if they would be interested in receiving a donation of some of my TeleMagic historical artifacts. They agreed, and today I have arranged shipment to the Computer History Museum of the following materials:

1. The first version of TeleMagic documentation. Software Version 5.5 1985. (black cover)
2. The second version of TeleMagic documentation. Software Version 7.7 (burgundy cover)
3. The third version of TeleMagic documentation. Software Version 7.7e (small blue/white booklet)
4. TeleMagic Version 12 (V-12) documentation. The best packaging job we did. Entire unopened box.
5. TeleMagic Version 14 (Enterprise) (after the Sage Group purchased the company) The last DOS version.
6. TeleMagic documentation and software translated for the French market.
7. "StarMagic", a TeleMagic add-on for telephony applications. Unopened, shrinkwrapped box.
8. Productivity Guide for TeleMagic version 12.3
Unopened, shrinkwrapped box.

I have more stuff that I'll get around to sending, maybe...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

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It looks like billiards has taken over my life!

Monday, May 21, 2007

A Proposal for the Improvement of Democracy

A Proposal for the
Improvement of Democracy

Although I had written this a couple of years ago,
I never created a link to it on my website.
We could have kicked Bush out of the White House
and had all our troops home by now,
if only we had taken the steps I suggested.

a friend's recent email contained the one line:
"Do you have any suggestions for improving democracy?"

Well, yes, I do:
Click this link:

A Proposal for the
Improvement of Democracy

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Great Moments in Pancake History

In a recent email from the wife of a good friend
(the world's greatest biplane pilot)
she mentioned how much he loves pancakes.
This thought triggered the memory of
one of my favorite photos:

I just loves me pancakes!
On one particular fine morning, 20+ years ago,
I had whipped up a batch of the good stuff,
slathered with butter, swimming in pure maple syrup,
and consumed with geat pleasure while standing
(as men are wont to do, unsupervised by a good woman)
outdoors in the warm sun and sea breeze.
It was such a perfect setting that I was driven to photograph it
to preserve the moment for all time.

The fork deserves special mention.
It was one of three items of flatware (1 knife, 1 fork, 1 spoon)
which I purchased after my bankruptcy in 1983,
which left me with nothing at all,
and I needed something with which to eat
other than my fingers.
A friend gave me the plate, and a bowl.
They were simpler times.

I scanned this ancient photo,
and sent it along to my friend,
so he could print it for his wallet,
so he would never be without his favorite food.

So excited by the concept of pancakes
I was motivated to make a batch of the critters for myself,
something I have not done in way too long
(the much more sensible oatmeal has taken over my mornings).

As I got into it,
I realized that this was another Kodak moment in the making,
and that I could actually get it in focus this time
(I must have been trembling with excitement in the previous photo).

So, herewith, for the enjoyment of all,
is a pancake breakfast redux,
complete with coffee
(Starbucks Gold Coast, with half and half, and raw sugar)
and juice
(blueberry, with protein powder and pomegranate concentrate).

I make the pancakes one at a time, in a pan,
as God intended, each one golden, or it is destroyed.
I think pancakes are the perfect food,
and after His hectic week of creating the universe,
God himself, on his day of rest,
invented pancakes for the all the world to enjoy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Metabolic Age 37

My old bathroom scale was getting unreliable,
so I searched online for a new one,
and was seduced by the new technology
which can tell you all kinds of great stuff
in addition to your weight.

I went for the Tanita Ironman Model BC-554
Body Composition Monitor.
You input your height and age, once.
Each time you get weighed,
it shoots low level electrical current
thru your bare feet and up into your body
and proceeds to magically calculate
stuff you never knew about your body:
Body Fat Percent,
Total Body Water Percent,
Muscle Mass,
Physique Rating,
Visceral Fat,
Bone Mass,
Metabolic Age,
Basal Metabolic Rate,
and, of course, Weight.

I've really been getting into all this new data.
For example, because I now know my
Total Body Water Percent,
I'm paying more attention to my water intake,
and conciously drinking more water.
And I'm feeling better because of it.

One of the key data items it calculates
is Metabolic Age, and for me it's 37.
How could I not like this scale!

Along these same lines of thought,
it was just a couple of weeks ago that
I saw the Oscar de la Hoya vs. Mayweather fight,
and noticed that Oscar and I are
the same height and weight!
He seems to be in better shape.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

Recent Reading:

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and
The Madness of Crowds

This awesome book,
with the aid of the history of stupidity of crowds,
proves we are all lemmings.

If you had read this book when it was published in 1841,
you wouldn't have been hornswoggled
in the Internet bubble.
A most excellent read,
and one of my all-time favorites.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Joost TV, free invitations available

JOOST is TV the way it ought to be.

Joost™ the best of tv and the internet

Still by invitation only,
but I have some free invitations for you,
all you have to do is ask!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Moat Will Protect Our Borders

Why A Moat Will Protect Our Borders

In The Know: The U.S. Moat

You can always count on The Onion
for clear thinking in times of national crises.