Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shower-based idea and communications control center

In my relentless pursuit of perfection, I have been experimenting with a shower-based control center. It also gives me something to do with a couple of iPod touch devices.
Starting from upper left:
1. iPod touch version 1.0, open to a notepad application, so I can write down ideas I get in the shower but forget when I'm dry. (why is that?)

2. Remote control for lights, fans, heat. Lights are dimmable. 

3. iPod touch open to Pandora music stations.

The three units above are independently velcro mounted to a backboard, which is inserted into a common Ziplock baggie. The entire contraption is supported by a shaving mirror (gotta shave in the shower!)

4. The iPhone 3G, bottom right, is mounted in a separate baggie, and this device is set to record impulsive voice memos. Of course if the phone were to ring, the callers photo would be displayed on the screen and the phone application would take over automatically.

All this could be replaced with one large screen, and one computer running multiple apps, but I like the idea of all these modular, redundant, independent devices. 

I'm looking forward to the next evolution of this!

The current state of shower-based control center development is the evolution of previous experiments with iPhone and iPod in the shower. 

Recently I was doing some experiments on water conservation, turning the water off while soaping, etc... and I was using the Stopwatch function to time "Laps" of water on/off.

Ever since I've been here (5+ years), and installed the X-10 remote control system, I have had the light/heat/fans controller in the shower, waterproofed with a baggie

Monday, May 11, 2009

Facebook is taking over my blog!

I have been using Facebook more and more,
until now it's part of every day.
And since almost everyone I know is there,
it's easier to post non-billiards stuff on Facebook.
So click the image below and find me on Facebook!

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Michael McCafferty's Facebook profile