Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Amazing Guest Loo at Mikie's Fun House

The Amazing Guest Loo at Mikie's Fun House

I have just installed upgrades to the guest loo
which you may find interesting.

Mikie's Fun House is a private residence and business office which reflects the extraordinarily high standards of the owner.
Friends visit frequently, and from time to time, guests are invited to Mikie's Fun House.
All visitors are treated equally and yet personally to the same 5-star standards that one would expect in the finest hotels, and then some. Of particular note is the guest bathroom. Everyone is treated to the following 16 point smorgasbord of loo-nacy.

1. Completely automatic faucet, automatic temperature control, automatic turn on & shut off with the wave of your hand.
2. Completely automatic dispenser of antibacterial soap. Hold out your palm to receive just the right amount.
3. Automatic lights & fan. Detects the movement of the door opening. Automatic off in 10 minutes. Just wave for more.
4. Disposable guest towels provide the maximum cleanliness for every guest. Take extra for owner-signature souvenir!
5. Medicine cabinet, fully stocked with sundries that might be expected in a 5-star hotel, and more. (lotions, candle, air fresheners, Fiji bottled water, 2-ply Cotonelle tissue, soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, brush, floss, notepad & pen, scents, etc.)
6. Skylight providing natural light for the live plants and flowers.
7. Selection of interesting reading matter. Guest may request favorites to be on hand for their arrival. (Bring your camera!)
8. PDA support for when duty calls: Wi-Fi service. AT&T cell 5 bars of reception, 3G, Edge. Verizon reception.
9. Supply of freshly laundered terrycloth hand towels.
10. Two freshly laundered terrycloth robes (back of door).
11. Original artworks and memorabilia cover the walls.
12. Full length mirror. Plus mirrors on insides and outside of medicine cabinet.
13. Full bath and shower. Clothes drying line.
14. Natural granite counter, stone flooring and shower surround. All woodwork is solid cherry.
15. Dual electrical outlet, with built-in circuit breaker, for personal electrical items, rechargers, etc.
16. And finally, the item that gets the most use of all, the loo seat is self closing and completely quiet. Impossible to slam. You'll want to try this several times!

Full details and photos online at:

This is the way it is out here at Mikie's Fun House.
It has been said that the owner has too much time on his hands,
but he denies it, saying that he also spends a lot of time in his hammock,
but that's a whole other story...


At 11:57 AM, Blogger Samm said...

It TRULY is above and beyond!


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