Sunday, September 28, 2008

Flurry of Activity at New Moon

George H. and I do the hike through Torrey Pines, the north extension, which is rarely used, and many locals are unaware of it. However, George grew up with this still primitive acreage as his back yard, literally. He knows every bit of it, especially the trails marked "Trail Closed". We were well into it when we were confronted with a ravine crossing using a fallen tree. The tree was substantial enough to support a man, but otherwise rather insubstantial visually, and with it being at a downward angle, and festooned with dead branches protruding and really very menacing. George, an ex-world-class triathlete, gave the challenge little thought, and was on the other side in a flash. I hesitated and saw the many ways that I could be impaled on the protruding spikes, or slip to a painful sudden stop at the bottom of the ravine... While I'm thinking, George's dog is also thinking, and he doesn't want any part of that fallen tree, and his center of gravity is an easy 3' lower than mine. I think what we have here is a smart dog. So now I gotta figure out a way to outsmart the dog, and that means crossing using the tree.

I did it, of course, I risked life and limb to prove that I was smarter than a dog, and to prove that I could do something George can do, and to prove I could face my fears and to do what needs to be done. To survive. To win.

The dog was now noticeably agitated and conflicted and fearful of certain death by crossing that fallen tree. He looked for other crossing opportunities up and down the banks of the ravine, but nothing appeared. Smart dog. Finally the dog decided the easy way, and the safe way, was to slide/jump to the bottom of the ravine, and climb up on the other side.

I'm thinking the dog won.

Birthday lunch with friend from TeleMagic days, DeAnn R. I learn so much each time we meet up. Mona Vie. Universal Remote. more.

David G. raced his vintage NASCAR toy on Coronado island today. Watched him race, and a few other races, from the luxury of his motorhome, toured the pits in a mongo golf cart, and have become forever spoiled and will never be able to watch a race in person without such amenities. Vintage NASCAR = Turning Money into Noise.

George and Barbie have moved to San Diego from Whistler, BC, Canada, and had a gathering of friends on Saturday afternoon.

Kate V. arrives on her annual trip home and is scheduled to play some Frisbee on the beach with me... any minute.

So many things happening lately. Today is the New Moon.


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