Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Home Improvements: The Wall

One single project has been on my list
for all of the last four years I have lived here.
And today, just this minute,
I put the finishing touches on it.
My work is done.

May I present: The Wall

My collection of pool trophies is
displayed at the far right of the line of bookcases,
closest to the chair where the pool opponent sits
and waits for his shot,
with plenty of time to let all those wins sink in...
(I know, it's evil, isn't it... Mwahahahahaha!)
(click for evil laugh)

To the left of the trophies
is the shelf of my favorite billiard books,
but there's lots more in the billiard library
on the shelves out of sight, under the pool table.

It's good to be finished with this key project.
Now I can more fully concentrate on my game.

How is it possible that this project
went undone for four years?
It was right after I moved in here
that I took up the game of pool,
and that pretty much put almost everything else
on hold for all this time.
Now, since I hurt my shoulder last summer,
I've had some time to take care of stuff.
And now that all (most) of my stuff is done,
I'm really looking forward to getting back
into the game.

The bookcases are from Levenger.
The paint is 3 coats of Yellow Brick Road by Behr,
with an eggshell finish.

Around the mirror, left to right:
1. First airplane solo, April 17, 1965
2. First glider solo, April 17, 1994
3. Signatures of all who built my first biplane, 1993
4. Second First airplane solo (biplane), Nov 18, 1993
5. Inc 500, 1991
6. Seaplane rating
7. Multi-engine airplane rating
8. Instrument airplane rating
9. Inc 500, 1992
10. Photo of the first biplane, roll out day 1993.
11. Papal Apostolic Blessing, 1992
12. Airshow exemption, Duxford, UK, 1997

Monday, February 25, 2008

Pancake Breakfast Tradition Continues

Alex and Joni showed up in
matching Mikie's Fun House t-shirts
for their special Fun House pancake breakfast.

This photo was taken after the first helping,
and before the second.
That's the sort of smiles you get when
I create my special Fun House pancakes,
with veggie sausage, Amy's ketchup,
Starbucks Gold Coast coffee,
and Naked blueberry juice.

This feast is limited to a maximum of one day per week,
(gotta watch the colorie intake)
either Saturday or Sunday, at 10:30am,
and only 1 or 2 special friends are invited each time
because the chef (me) can't handle more than that.

Here's a list of the pancake breakfast club members, so far:
Joey and Carolina
Sean and Graciella
Tim and Deb and Aviana
Mike and Kendra
David and Carol
Kendra and Debbie
Steve and Cara Lyn
Bonnie and Vince
DeAnn and Olivia
Jim and Gina and Siena
Alex and Joni

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Home Improvements: Master Loo

Finally finished the loo area of the master bath
at Mikie's Fun House.
For more details, see web page.

I also updated photos for the Super Shower
and the Sub Zero glass-door refrigerator,
and a wide shot of the kitchen, below.
Again, for more details, see web page.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Home Improvements: Treadmill Project

Today marks a major milestone in the
development of the treadmill project,
which continues to evolve as my secret weapon
(ooops, I guess it ain't so secret now)
for excellence in pool.

Check it out:

30" Dell widescreen TV/monitor
which is connected to the DishTV feed
so I can watch all the pool videos on TV
which are automatically recorded
so I can play back anytime later.
The monitor is also connected to the
Windows Media Center (under Vista)
so I can get any pool videos on the internet too.
And the PC (HP) has DVD, DVD-HD & BlueRay
so I can put up any of the
videos in my pool library.

The treadmill itself is a
Vision Fitness T9450HRT.

Overhead is a padded Everlast pull-up bar.
To the right side of the treadmill, on the floor,
are dumbbells of various weights,
and a scale that gives readouts on
bodyfat percentage, metabolic age, etc.

The shelves hold all sorts of remote controls
for lights, heat and fans.
Also, water, telephone and notebook
to record progress.

The frames on either side of the monitor
show the final standings on two of
my undefeated seasons (2005 and 2007)
to serve as additional motivation.
In the frame above the monitor is a
modified quote from Og Mandino's
Greatest Salesman in the World
which have been an inspiration
for the last 25 years.

The monitor is on a movable arm
which swings out 90 degrees
so I can watch from bed.

I think I'm close to treadmill perfection.
Maybe the next step is to build
a shelf for all my pool trophies.