Monday, February 25, 2008

Pancake Breakfast Tradition Continues

Alex and Joni showed up in
matching Mikie's Fun House t-shirts
for their special Fun House pancake breakfast.

This photo was taken after the first helping,
and before the second.
That's the sort of smiles you get when
I create my special Fun House pancakes,
with veggie sausage, Amy's ketchup,
Starbucks Gold Coast coffee,
and Naked blueberry juice.

This feast is limited to a maximum of one day per week,
(gotta watch the colorie intake)
either Saturday or Sunday, at 10:30am,
and only 1 or 2 special friends are invited each time
because the chef (me) can't handle more than that.

Here's a list of the pancake breakfast club members, so far:
Joey and Carolina
Sean and Graciella
Tim and Deb and Aviana
Mike and Kendra
David and Carol
Kendra and Debbie
Steve and Cara Lyn
Bonnie and Vince
DeAnn and Olivia
Jim and Gina and Siena
Alex and Joni


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