Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Katie Vita, BFFF

Kate popped into town about a week ago,
and we hit the beach for a bit of Frisbee.
Allow me to introduce you...
Katie Vita is so much more than
the assemblage of her many unique talents.
The world knows her as actress and artist.
I know her as one of my best friends forever.
I discovered Frisbee on the beach with Katie,
so long ago that it just doesn't seem possible.
She grew up, married, and moved far away,
but through it all, our paths would cross many times,
each time we marveled at how close we stayed,
and each time we usually found a Frisbee and a beach.

Katie is the author of that most memorable
summation of The Meaning of Life:
"To Fris is to Be".
(Click here for the painting she did for me)


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