Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Metabolic Age 37

My old bathroom scale was getting unreliable,
so I searched online for a new one,
and was seduced by the new technology
which can tell you all kinds of great stuff
in addition to your weight.

I went for the Tanita Ironman Model BC-554
Body Composition Monitor.
You input your height and age, once.
Each time you get weighed,
it shoots low level electrical current
thru your bare feet and up into your body
and proceeds to magically calculate
stuff you never knew about your body:
Body Fat Percent,
Total Body Water Percent,
Muscle Mass,
Physique Rating,
Visceral Fat,
Bone Mass,
Metabolic Age,
Basal Metabolic Rate,
and, of course, Weight.

I've really been getting into all this new data.
For example, because I now know my
Total Body Water Percent,
I'm paying more attention to my water intake,
and conciously drinking more water.
And I'm feeling better because of it.

One of the key data items it calculates
is Metabolic Age, and for me it's 37.
How could I not like this scale!

Along these same lines of thought,
it was just a couple of weeks ago that
I saw the Oscar de la Hoya vs. Mayweather fight,
and noticed that Oscar and I are
the same height and weight!
He seems to be in better shape.


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