Monday, May 28, 2007

TeleMagic in the Computer History Museum

This year is my 65th, a milestone which gets me thinking about how fast time has passed since I wrote those first lines of TeleMagic code 22 years ago. Almost a quarter century!

Recently I learned about the Computer History Museum ( and joined as a member, then contacted them to see if they would be interested in receiving a donation of some of my TeleMagic historical artifacts. They agreed, and today I have arranged shipment to the Computer History Museum of the following materials:

1. The first version of TeleMagic documentation. Software Version 5.5 1985. (black cover)
2. The second version of TeleMagic documentation. Software Version 7.7 (burgundy cover)
3. The third version of TeleMagic documentation. Software Version 7.7e (small blue/white booklet)
4. TeleMagic Version 12 (V-12) documentation. The best packaging job we did. Entire unopened box.
5. TeleMagic Version 14 (Enterprise) (after the Sage Group purchased the company) The last DOS version.
6. TeleMagic documentation and software translated for the French market.
7. "StarMagic", a TeleMagic add-on for telephony applications. Unopened, shrinkwrapped box.
8. Productivity Guide for TeleMagic version 12.3
Unopened, shrinkwrapped box.

I have more stuff that I'll get around to sending, maybe...


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