Monday, June 12, 2006

Totally Silent Computing

Few times have I been so impressed with a product
that I am Driven To Blog so urgently.

I have just unpacked a UPS delivery,
the new computer to replace my existing server.
I was not expecting such an extraordinary experience.

The packaging was seemingly bulletproof.
Very professional and thorough.
It inspired confidence in the contents!

Taking the PC out of the plastic wrapping
was a revelation, a thing of real beauty.
And yes, I am talking about a PC.

It does not look like anything special
when you look at it on their website.
Just looks like a black box.

But in real life, it is a most magical
combination of fit and finish and design,
that draws you to want to touch it everywhere,
and for giving in to your urges,
you are rewarded beyond your imagining.

Yes, I am talking about a PC.

It has these heatsink fins all around it,
so it is totally pleasurable to
run your hands & fingers over the fins.
You gotta get one of these.

I haven't even turned it on yet.
I need another one, just like it.

You are probably wondering why the heatsinks all over it.
It's because it has no fans to cool it, just heatsinks.
That means that it will not make any fan noises.
It also has a virtually inaudible hard disk.
Hermits like quiet.

A computer without a fan,
will therefore draw no air into it,
and will therefore not collect dust-mung
in its orifices, or working parts
like buttons and switches.
It will remain clean through eternity.
And quiet.

So far, everything is fine.
Website is good.
Customer service is real good.
So far.
Stay tuned.


Two days later, we get the box o' beauty installed.
My first reaction,
after spending some "quiet time" with it,
(please excuse the intentional pun)
is that I must have gone suddenly deaf!
I can't hear a thing!
Zilch. Zip. Nada. Dingus.

And then I listen more closely.
I can hear the sounds of the surf!



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