Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Shower of Ideas

So many times I get ideas in the shower,
but forget about them as soon as I get out.

One of the ideas I keep getting
is that I need some way to write down ideas
when I'm in the shower.

But, of course, I forget the idea
as soon as I get out.
A real Catch-22.

In the fullness of time,
I finally thought of this idea
(a water-friendly writing methodology)
when I was not in the shower,
and so I have finally found the answer.
See above.
Click on the photo to buy one.

It's clever, but not perfect.
I got lots of ideas how to improve it
the first time I used it in the shower,
and wrote the ideas on itself.
How perfect!

I can't wait for my next shower.
I may discover a cure for cancer,
or the end of world hunger,
or remember where I put my keys...


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