Thursday, May 11, 2006

Full Moon Changes

Today is a Full Moon,
the 18th day of uninterrupted focus,
and marks the start of a couple of days of time off.

Changes are coming fast:

A new hammock will arrive soon,
and this is significant because I have worn out
it's predecessor, and surely that is a sign
of a life being well lived.

Custom improvements to the pool table.
(see pool blog for more details)

Pool challenges are keeping me busy and focused.

New car fever is heating up.
This is a dangerous potentially expensive time of year
for a car nut like me.
I have been kicking tires in showrooms lately.
I have had my Jag convertible for 5.5 years
and while it has only 32k miles and is perfect,
I seem to want a change of pace...

Other numerous subtle changes
which are improving overall health...


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