Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pandora - custom radio stations

Click on the logo for
one of the slickest new internet services
I have seen for music lovers.
Pandora allows you to create your own customized radio stations,
as many different ones as you like,
and play them as much as you want,
and, of course it is free!
(or, you can pay a small fee for upgraded services)

The neat thing is that it starts out asking you to
name an artist or selection you like,
and it builds your station(s) one tune at a time,
as you listen to them,
and you click thumbs up or down for more of the same.
Every once in a while it will surprise you
with a selection you might even like,
but never would have imagined.

It's all done because of the huge database of music,
which music-geek humans have categorized according to
a bunch of different metrics, or "genomes".
The process, as they call it, is a musical conversation
between the Pandora music experts and the listener.

It's really fascinating,
and great listening while you work!


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