Friday, June 16, 2006

Landmark National Bank - voted "Best Bank"!

And now, a little bragging:

Just got news that the bank I helped to start up
has been voted "Best Bank" by the readers of the
Rancho Santa Fe Review.

The way I figure it,
people who live in RSF have a TON of money,
so they should be pretty darn picky
when it comes to where they bank,
and when they prefer to do business with MY bank,
well, I figure that's something special.

I should mention that I really don't work there,
I'm just a founder/director (see this link)
but about 40+ excellent people do work there,
and it's really all about them because they are
the ones who earned this extraordinary recognition.
But some of it has got to rub off on me, right?



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