Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mandatory Immediate Evacuation!

Two hours after the order to prepare for it,
the call came from the police that
Del Mar residents must evacuate.

I chose to stay.

I drove to the top of Torrey Pines hill.
No fires visible anywhere.
Light winds.
Looked ok to me.

It was more than personal laziness.
The 90+ year old woman next door
had no place to go.
She has trouble breathing.
And since I kinda adopted her as my new mom,
I didn't want to take her out into the smoky night,
and subject her to living in some shelter,
so I decided to hunker down here,
and wait for it to get more urgent,
or for the threat to subside.

We got lucky.
The call came around noon the next day
that it was ok to return to our homes in Del Mar.

A lot of SoCal is still burning,
so I have my Go-bags still packed
and sitting by the door...


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