Friday, August 17, 2007

Quiet Descends on the Evening Before Chaos

A perfect new crescent moon
settles toward the sunset sea...

The evening candle lit,
Quiet descends on the day,
and sounds of the surf are revealed.

Ah! The Sweet Serenity of Solitude!

All is right in the land of Mikie.

And yet, on the 'morrow,
I go forth into Chaos.
And yet, I will be Invisible to it,
and return in a week,
the joy of a night like this, mine again.


It's a constant surprise
The Plans of Men
seldom account for constant surprise!

Philly for a week.
(Second prize was two weeks in Philly:)

Dad turns 92. The McCafferty clan is a river, broad and deep.
Guys from high school.
First girlfriend.

And who knows what else there is in
the cauldron of chaos
outside the walls of Mikie's Fun House,
the serene monarchy of Mikie,
my Fortress of Solitude...

Time will have 7 days
to delight me with random events.
Then the hour will come,
I'll step into an aluminum tube,
thrust into the sky,
miraculously land a continent away,
and be home again.


How sweet it is...


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