Saturday, June 23, 2007

Neighbor Lady

The sign
was bordered in black.

It spoke of a memorial service
for a departed soul
whose name seemed familiar.

Then, I remembered the events a few days back,
the firetruck and emergency vehicles,
but I hadn't yet learned of the reason.
Now, the sign, and the name...

It's an Irish name,
and a face came into my mind,
a woman of considerable age,
and her face is smiling sweetly.

She worked at a shop in town.
We talked just a few times,
a few years ago,
but I had not seen her in a while.
Maybe she had been sick.
It's sad to think of it.

Should I go to the memorial service?
What would other people remember about her?
I can only remember her smile.
Is that reason enough,
or is that the only reason,
to attend her memorial?

What can I do,
in her honor,
to improve the world she left behind,
and to carry on with her spirit?

It can only be
to smile.

What a great legacy!

neighbor lady.



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