Monday, October 22, 2007

Be Prepared to Evacuate

All afternoon I've been watching the fire on TV,
feeling certain that my home is safe.

A few minutes after sunset, the phone rings:
"This is the San Diego Sheriff's Department,
with a message to all Del Mar residents to
be prepared to evacuate...
and drive north to El Toro Marine base
in Orange County..."

"Be Prepared to Evacuate"
(always good advice)

Before this fire's first spark,
several months ago, in fact,
I began disaster preparedness planning.
I have 3 bags already packed,
with clothes, provisions, emergency equipment,
supplies, communications equipment,
and more...

But even with such focused planning,
I'm realizing that the plan is missing some essentials.
And there needs to be a "Fast List"
which is stuff you grab when
you need to get out NOW.

It's an interesting exercise.
What do you take
when everything else may vaporize?
What do you need to survive
when your home,
and even your community,
and the homes of your friends and family,
are gone?

Heavy thoughts.


At 3:05 PM, Blogger JeSais said...

I myself packed up... no mandatory evacuation, but the exercise was eye opening. You quickly realize what is really important. And its not the "stuff" its family and family photos. And my computer with my incomplete, unpublished book... so I'll still have hope.


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