Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Pool Vacation

After a week or so of pool vacation
a big change I have noticed is that
I'm getting a lot of stuff done.

In just the last couple of days I have
re-wired the desk computer system
(that big wad of wires under the desk)
dealt with iPod "touch" service issues
(several hours on the phone, and more off the phone)
major improvements to the computer systems
eliminating some software and hardware
and other simplifications,
redesigned the vestibule area
new layout for desk area,
new furniture ordered for both areas,
an update to the draft of the pool book
a couple of walks to the beach,
car wash,
visited friends,
entertained friends at the Fun House,
enjoyed several meals at local spots,
(actually ventured out in public!)
read a couple of books,
and the list goes on...

All these things would have gone undone
if I were still shooting some serious pool.

Serious pool requires serious Time.
Pool is a demanding mate.

But I'm on pool vacation,
and looking forward to all the stuff I'll do...


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