Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Super Socks!

Yesterday, a good friend, Grace,
gave me a pair of SmartWool socks.
Big deal, you say?

You gotta slip some of these babies on your feet.

I'm not a sock freak.
When it comes to socks,
I've always been a pragmatist.

I buy them by the dozen pair.
All the same color and style.
That way, there is a lot less thinking
in the morning, when thinking is more difficult,
and the last thing you want to use brain cells on
is socks: which ones, which color, do they match, etc.
Keeping everything the same lets me invest my
brain cells on more important things,
like saving the world, ending war, poverty, hunger, etc.

While I have had only marginal success
with saving the world, etc,
my challenges with socks are at a minimum.

And now these SmartWool critters show up and
all of a sudden socks take on new meaning!
Socks are our interface with the real world.
We have more nerve endings in our feet than
any other place in our bodies.
(I think I heard that someplace)

What I do know is that these socks put a
smile on my face, and joy in my heart.

Get 'em. You heard it here first.


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