Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Business Adventure

I have started up a new business adventure
doing internet delivery of innovative health solutions.

Time I now spend mentoring and serving on boards
will be redirected solely to this new business.
In addition, my pool tournament activities will cease,
and the time, including many hours of practice, will be
put to good use in the new business.

The thing I find most attractive with this new business
is that it helps people with health issues.
So, as the company grows, it will be an indication
of the number of people we have helped.

Another thing that is important is that
I am the major stockholder and CEO,
so I will have significant influence
in the success of the business.
And, that should be a lot of fun.
Especially if it is helping lots of people.

Right now, the details are being kept quiet.
But you can be sure that when the word gets out,
it will be announced right here first.
Stay tuned...


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