Saturday, November 11, 2006

Fun House improvements

Yesterday was a big day at the Fun House.

Major improvements have been completed:
1. Fireplace added. I have been wanting a fireplace here at the Fun House ever since I moved in 3 years ago. With all that preparation time, how come I am now struck with a complete blank as to what I should put on the mantel?

2. Webcam mounting added. Up until now, the webcam was sitting precariously on one of the slats of the plantation shutters. Not the best solution by a long shot. It was always getting out of alignment, especially when the housecleaner would come by and dust around it. Additionally, it was looking through a screen which did not help with the clarity. With the new location, the image is much clearer, and the webcam doesn't get moved around during cleaning.

Vistors usually always mention what a good feeling they get when they visit the Fun House. They comment that I have really put the place together very well. But it seems that there is always something more to do. I am assailed with ideas that will keep me busy improving this place for years to come...


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