Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Mikie's Fun House T-Shirts

After an enormous amount of planning, scheming, design,
re-design, and re-re-design ad nauseum
the new t-shirts have finally arrived and have been
parsimoniously doled out to very special people who have
distinguished themselves in one way or another as being
someone who deserves such an honor.

It has been 13 years since the last Mikie's Fun House t-shirt,
and all supplies were exhausted long, long ago,
and my current MFH t-shirt wardrobe is quite tattered
and no longer presentable in formal sitations,
so I had to bite the bullet and get some new ones.

The design for the front was a last minute inspiration.
The five stars do NOT represent a military theme
(some people immediately think 5-star general)
but rather the Attitude of First Class.
The highest rating for hotels and restaurants is 5 stars.

The design for the back is a slight modification of
the Waco Airplanes neon sign that hangs over my desk,
and the wooden prop that was on my open cockpit biplane
when I flew around Europe for 3 months.

For much bigger graphics of these two images,
click here (caution: 10MB file).

The excellent design for the back was done by Tom Voss,
who was referred to me by Adam Rowe.
The printing was done by Custom Logos in San Diego,
with the able assistance of Darren Golden, the salesrep on the job.

The shirts were ordered in two basic colors, gray and blue.
And in long sleeve and short sleeve.
And in S, M, L, XL.
With all of those combinations of size, color and sleeve,
and only 144 shirts in the total order,
it's amazing how fast I ran out of some selections.

Those few friends who have worn them in public
have mentioned that they get lots of positive comments.
I think it is primarily because of the 5 stars!


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