Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Rainpure Adventure Begins

Good News...
I have just enjoyed the last few days
with some friends from Australia,
who visited me to share news of their
patented new water purification system.

Check it out at

This system has substantial resources behind it.
To date, over $20 Million has been invested,
in development as well as a
specialized manufacturing plant in China,
and in more than a year of
marketing/sales success in Australia.

And now this new system is ready to come to America.
The Chief Operating Officer of this well-financed business,
my friend Michael Lappen, is none other than the man who did
such a masterful job with the distribution of my
TeleMagic software in Australia.
He wants me to be his US advisor
for this great business adventure.

Needless to say, water is a huge opportunity.
Especially with a completely unique
and patented purification system.

This initial notice is simply to let you know "what's new".
And if you would like more information on this opportunity,
please contact me and we will continue to the discussion.
If you know someone in the water (or related) business
who should know about RainPure, please
let me know and I'll send them more information.

We are still forming the business for North America,
and there may be a way for you to participate
as an investor, team member, or otherwise,
so I'll keep you posted on our progress...

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At 7:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Fast Mike,
My name is Shane Gonzales and like you I have great intrest in bringing Rainpure to America.
I am a former employee of Raincorp and am responsable for the fabrication and configuration of the WM40.I am sure you know of the new products that are coming out.The are all quite smart in looks.
I am now based in the Central Valley of California.
I see this blog is quite old but if you still have intrest in rainpure you can contact me via email @
Thank you for listening.
Cheers bye...


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