Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Life Lived Perfectly: The Prequel

To more fully appreciate
the source of the concept of The Ideal Day
we need to visit a time when
every day was less than ideal.
In fact, the days were
far at the other end of the Ideal spectrum.

My midlife crisis included
divorce, cancer,
success, fame, fortune,
hitting bottom,
Awakening again,
making a plan,
committing to it,
and then acting on it.

From that point of Taking Action,
According To A Plan,
there was never any doubt in my mind.
It was just one day at a time.
That's all the time I had to deal with.

Just make Today the best it can be.
Things start getting better immediately.

As you progress
through your days,
each day with the resolve
to make today the best it can be,
you will look at each thing that happens,
and comment to yourself
how Tommorow could be improved
with more, or less, of it.

And Tomorrow,
should we be so fortunate to get another Day,
we Learn from Yesterday.
We Grow and each day Improves.

When we think this way,
we see our lives as a continuation of
ever increasing pleasure.

Be actively involved
in creating more of what you love in your life,
and avoiding, like the plague,
all of the things which drain energy.

Dealing With Negativity

If there is any hint of negativity,
the most effective thing you can do is
to move away from it.
Physically move your body in a direction
directly away from the source of the negativity.
Keep moving away from it
as long as the negativity persists.

Transform Your Space

Remove from your space
all items which have any negative vibes whatsoever.
Fill your space with
only positive images, colors, fabrics, shapes, textures, sounds, scents.
This includes everything:
people as well as possessions.

Each day remove more negatives.
Each day add more positives.
Soon enough,
you will have some spectacularly good days.

I am reminded of this story:

The Three Stone Cutters

A traveler came upon three men working with stone.
Curious,the traveler approached the first worker and asked,
"What are you doing?"
The worker replied, "I am a stone cutter and I am cutting stones."

The traveler approached the second worker
and asked the same question. and got the reply:
"I am a stone cutter and I work to support my family."

Still searching for some meaning to their work,
the traveler asked the third man, who announced proudly:
"I am a stone cutter and I am building a cathedral.

Three men - performing the same task -
each with different perspectives of
what they were doing.

Live Each Day as
the Builder of a Cathedral
(your life).

Some of the negatives I removed:
newspapers and TV.
An important replacement for these things
is good positive reading material.
I discovered
"The Greatest Salesman in the World"
by Og Mandino,

and it was a major help.
It gave structure to my plan.
Today, 20 years later,
I still carry in my wallet a piece of paper
with the 10 principles in that book.
I highly recommend it.

If I can live a day,
with those principles guiding my actions,
then that day must be Ideal.

Each day lived according to these principles,
helps build a greater likelihood that tomorrow
will be even better.

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