Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Life Lived Perfectly - Do Good Now

When I was at the absolute bottom,
with no car, no money, no job,
and no idea what to do about it,
I felt there had to be some way out.
I felt strongly that I was not destined to be a failure.

I thought long and hard about my situation.
I felt strongly that I could reason my way through.
I felt there must be some Secret Formula to Life,
which I had been violating that put me where I was,
and which, if I lived in harmony with it,
would put me back on the Path,
and keep me there,
and apply to every step of the way to Success.

I reasoned that Thinking alone was not the answer.
I needed to DO something.
That much was absolutely true.
Nothing happens without some Action.

But what should I do when my options are not clear?
After much meditation on the question,
the answer was, simply, GOOD.
It is the Law of Karma.
Doing Good, in any form, brings Good in return.
It is Cause and Effect.
The scientific principle that rules the Universe.
But, what Good, exactly?

The amazing answer I found was
Any Good.
Any Good is better than No Good.
Better to do some Good instead of doing nothing.
Even if the Good is seemingly insignificant.

The last element of the Secret Formula for Success,
as I had discovered it, is

Any Good, done Now, is always better than a Good done later.
Any Good, done Now, is always better than a planned Good.
The simple reason for this truth is that
life is lived one moment at a time...
a moment lost is lost forever,
and one of these moments will be the Last one.
That's why THIS moment is so important.

Do Good Now.
That's it.
What more could I need to know?
It told me that I must consume my time with Doing (Action),
rather than merely thinking, planning, and Intention.
It told me that I must be Doing Good.
Do nothing negative... Do nothing trivial.

And it told me that I must be Doing Good NOW.
And Now again, and this Now, and all the Nows following it.
A continuous, unrelenting parade of Nows without end.

Do Good Now.
If I could keep those three words in my mind,
and live my life according to that simple principle,
I felt that failure and confusion and pain
would never darken my life again.

A most amazing discovery followed...
As I progressed in my practice of Do Good Now,
I noticed that I stopped feeling bad.
It was at this time that I found
that you cannot feel bad when Doing Good.

This discovery was Epic for me.
Further experimentation with this concept
proved all sorts of benefits.
Actions beget Feelings.
Feel bad? Do something Good.
You will feel better.
You can not feel bad when you Do Good.

Do Good Now.
It is the secret to a Perfect Life.

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