Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Do Good Now

A friend stopped by, we had lunch.
His tale of woe and need
reminded me of a time long ago,
when I was that way.

I studied and analyzed my situation,
and invented a way to change everything immediately.
I packaged it into three little words:
Do Good Now.

It is the end of all fear and need.
It is the beginning of comfort and joy.

It is in harmony with all religions.
It is in harmony with the laws of physics.
Do Good Now.

These three words were on the inside cover
of the first TeleMagic software user manuals.
The year was 1985.

I shared this 20 year old discovery with my friend today.
And I felt better all over again.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who find their way here.

Do Good Now.


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