Monday, November 21, 2005

Mailbag - Waco RC Modeler

In this morning's email,
I am amazed at this photo sent to me
by a Remote Control model builder in Slovenia.
Can you point to Slovenia on the map?
I couldn't, not with any precision,
before this morning.
But now I can, and so can you.
Just click here.

Ok, now for the story.
This man, Marko K., who must have lots of spare time,
has built this amazing model of the Waco YMF-5,
which is the biplane that I owned and piloted
for the years '93 to 2000+.
With the power of the internet,
he found me and wants to use my biplane
as the basis for adding the finishing details
for his model, so he needs some photos.

Now there's just one more thing that never
would have happened without Google!

Watch this space for more on this incredible model.


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