Sunday, November 13, 2005

This Video Taken With (almost) No Pants

Ok, here's the story:
I'm working on the new "vestibule" area.
That's the space between the condo-unit door,
mandated to be plain,
and my new, custom, cherry wood and stained glass front door.

This vestibule area is intended
to be completely buffed and tricked-out.

Every element engineered for maximum effect.
After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

So, here I am in this area, the outer condo door is closed,
my inner sanctum door is open.
After some work,
I have re-arranged the vestibule accoutrements
to be absolutely perfect.
So I resolve to video tape the finished (for now) creation
and email it to friends who may not be visiting soon.

With the video camera in hand (Nikon Coolpix 4200),
I go through a dry run,
and notice that I want to open the outer door.
This will require pants, as up to this point I am underworn.
I add pants, open the outer door, close the inner door
and take the video clip.

Then I notice that the inner door is locked.
Recently added pants have no keys in them.
I can not get inside my home unless I take Plan B.
And that requires an elevator ride to the garage,
exiting the building through
the garage
and then back inside through the main entrance.

(Don't ask, it's complicated.)

If I had decided to take the video
without opening the outer door,

I would have been
locked out of my home whilst wearing no pants.

I would also have had to walk outside,
and around the building,
into the main entrance and up the elevator,
and down the hall,
all whilst wearing no pants.

Personally, I find this to be just about as funny as it gets.

I may, sometime soon,
take a ride on my elevator with no pants,

just to enjoy what might have been.

It's amazing how great moments
revolve around seemingly insignificant details.

Click Here For The Video

Everyone in this video IS wearing pants.
If you are looking for pants-less videos,
you are looking in the wrong place.



At 4:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

when I lived in Aberdeen (scotland) right downtown , Union street I went down the three flight of stairs with a pair of my brother boxer short to pick up a package the mailman had just dropped , I was really excited to get these delicacies from France and realized as I got back to my apartment that the door was locked and here I am with no socks shoes , just my little teeshirt and boxers. My brother was already at work at the little italian restaurant around the corner ( well a couple of blocks away ) so I decided to just appear to jogg there , it was december and freezing cold and raining a bit but hey if you put up a good front ... It was real fun !!!


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