Friday, January 05, 2007

Poverty sucks

After finally DOING something about global hunger
(see http://www.2clicksaday/hunger)
I turned my attention to poverty,
and came up with a surprisingly similar solution.

Click on http://www.2clicksaday/poverty

I feel somewhat apprehensive about the next challenge
which is the elimination of war.
But possibly that is a less productive way to
state the issue.
Maybe it should be the establishment of global peace.
Even "establishment" seems like the wrong word.

These linguistics issues need to be dealt with in
the methodology which evolves from

After the war challenge is dealt with,
the more complex issue of disease ("health"?)
is the next thing on the To Do list.


At 9:40 AM, Blogger Gledwood said...

Yeah, do you really think "we" are going to actually do anything about world hunger??

2 clicks a day?

Remember the last Live Aid - didn't even bother raising money bc they wanted debt cancelled, fair enough, but said it was all done in the name of "raising awareness" - I mean... well, those are the times we live in.

I like your blog, I've made a note of the url. Found it, btw, by means of the "next blog" button. Drop by mine if you like: it is very different from yours... Tell me what you think. I'm coming back to yours later when I've got the evening spare, but meanwhile just wanted to leave my greetings. Take it easy.

All the best



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