Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New Money!

New Ten Dollar Bill, above.
Old Ten, and the Old, Old Ten, below.

There's nothing like new money!
I mean *really* new money...
never touched by human hands,
fresh and crispy,
clean and germ-free,
and it's even better when it comes
in a brand new design.

If there's a special advantage of being
a director of Landmark National Bank
it's got to be that I can order up
some of the good stuff.

Thanks to global counterfeiters,
the US has taken to redesigning our money
with new security features,
and this new Ten is loaded with them.
Check out how we make it tough on the bad guys.

These new tens are nice,
but my all-time favorite is the Two dollar bill,
which always brings a smile when
I give one (or several) as tips!

Driver (me) carries maximum of $20 in cash!

With credit cards, cash is becoming obsolete.
And soon enough, credit cards will go the same way,
replaced with RFIDS and fingerprint readers
in our cell phones,
and we'll all be flying around with
personal jet-packs...



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