Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Googly stuff - searching for images

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The number one search term people used to find my website
is "ping pong" (for February 2006).

If you do an IMAGE search on "ping pong" (without quotes),
a photo I took is listed #5 (FIVE!!) in a list of 61,100 images.
If you do the same search but using the hyphenated version
of the term (ping-pong) then the photo comes up #3 (THREE!!!)
out of 123,000 images.
And, of course, that photo is linked to
my ping pong page on my website.
That's quite good, I feel, because it is even higher listed
than professional ping pong organizations, businesses, etc.

However, if you do a WEB search on ping pong,
my page is not even in the top 10 pages of results
of a total of more than 6 million links.

This shows me the power of the image search,
and the need to have images on your (any) website,
and to have the "title=" argument with a very descriptive term,
because that is what is indexed.

You could probably get lots more hits on your site
by adding photos of the stuff you sell,
with brand names, etc. in the title= field
of the " img =..." statement.

It also shows the power of using
different spellings of the same term!


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