Sunday, May 20, 2007

Great Moments in Pancake History

In a recent email from the wife of a good friend
(the world's greatest biplane pilot)
she mentioned how much he loves pancakes.
This thought triggered the memory of
one of my favorite photos:

I just loves me pancakes!
On one particular fine morning, 20+ years ago,
I had whipped up a batch of the good stuff,
slathered with butter, swimming in pure maple syrup,
and consumed with geat pleasure while standing
(as men are wont to do, unsupervised by a good woman)
outdoors in the warm sun and sea breeze.
It was such a perfect setting that I was driven to photograph it
to preserve the moment for all time.

The fork deserves special mention.
It was one of three items of flatware (1 knife, 1 fork, 1 spoon)
which I purchased after my bankruptcy in 1983,
which left me with nothing at all,
and I needed something with which to eat
other than my fingers.
A friend gave me the plate, and a bowl.
They were simpler times.

I scanned this ancient photo,
and sent it along to my friend,
so he could print it for his wallet,
so he would never be without his favorite food.

So excited by the concept of pancakes
I was motivated to make a batch of the critters for myself,
something I have not done in way too long
(the much more sensible oatmeal has taken over my mornings).

As I got into it,
I realized that this was another Kodak moment in the making,
and that I could actually get it in focus this time
(I must have been trembling with excitement in the previous photo).

So, herewith, for the enjoyment of all,
is a pancake breakfast redux,
complete with coffee
(Starbucks Gold Coast, with half and half, and raw sugar)
and juice
(blueberry, with protein powder and pomegranate concentrate).

I make the pancakes one at a time, in a pan,
as God intended, each one golden, or it is destroyed.
I think pancakes are the perfect food,
and after His hectic week of creating the universe,
God himself, on his day of rest,
invented pancakes for the all the world to enjoy.


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